bank of america

ux design management + consulting

I held roles in project management, UX design, DesignOps, and digital product innovation during my seven-year tenure at Bank of America.

I developed a patent, introduced agile into design, consulted with China Construction Bank in Beijing & Guangzhou, modernized UX technology, and led a usability study to determine video conferencing best practices for its nationwide branches.



I co-led a nationwide teller kiosk pilot project (the precursor to today’s video teller ATMs) to automate standard teller transactions, making the process quicker for customers, and easier to manage for tellers.

User-Centered Design & DEsignOPS

I created new web experiences for Home Equity and Small Business divisions. Later, I managed a UX technology conversion from PCs to Macs, Microsoft to Adobe, and introduced rapid prototyping into the design process. The result led to higher associate satisfaction and quicker delivery times.

Product innovation

received a patent for an interactive digital tool for the Microsoft Surface.

Public Speaking

I consulted for China Construction Bank on UX best practices. I conducted workshops on repeatable, measurable design standards and rapid prototyping techniques.

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